Friday, April 11, 2008

Spring Break, part two

Dennis, Winnie and I are still down here in Nebraska, but since we left our camera cord at home I can't share any of the pictures of our visit here yet. So I'll just finish up our spring break saga since I happen to have those pictures with me on disc.

After visiting Dennis' parents we left the girls with them and took off for Ottawa by ourselves. Yep, that's right- by ourselves. We stayed with Dennis' sister, Brenda at night and during the days did fun things like visit two Value Villages (lots of goodies there!), go to a movie, visit the Museum of Science and Technology and eat out. Oh, and we also couldn't visit downtown Ottawa without stopping by for a Beavertail. It is tradition.

This is a picture of the parliament building in Ottawa. We rolled down our window and did our best to take a picture while stopped at a stop light. I was impressed, it turned out pretty good and we didn't have to stand in the cold snow to get it!

Goofing off at the museum of Science and Technology. We laughed so hard it hurt at these mirrors. We both looked like chubby little balls.
This ski-doo was rigged to feel like it was really on a trail: bumps, loud noise and a visual reality movie screen.



Kate said...

Is that a museum kitchen? We have the same sink in our house! :)

Dennis & Valerie said...

It is a kitchen in a crooked-house. I was standing straight, and the floor and everything in the place was crooked. It made me sooo dizzy! Our sink in our second apartment in Kitchener was like that too.

Anonymous said...

And a good time was had by all!!

Jean said...

I've been to Ottawa but I don't know what a Beaver tail is at least I don't think you are talking about the real animal's tail.

This is one city that I think it might be nice to visit again and see some of the things that we missed the first time.