Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Meat in a Can

I spent Saturday afternoon and evening pressure canning meat for Jungle Camp. I've been trying to convince myself that just because two of the 17 jars didn't seal it doesn't mean it was a total failure. We ate one of those unsealed jars tonight in a stir-fry- the meat was surprisingly delicious! Dennis was impressed (as was I). We're expecting some good eatin' in Jungle Camp.

Our tech tips class has also been keeping us busy. We've been soldering in our labs, using a DC carbon pencil and then an AC soldering pencil. Don't I sound technical! :D


Anonymous said...

ya, technical and busy!!
glad most of the meat sealed. It's nice 2 didn't though cause now you know how it's going to taste and can look forward to it rather than hoping it'll taste ok. Saves some worrying :)
xo to all,

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun, isn't it fun to learn something new everyday!??!!

Jean said...

So what are you going to learn to make with the soldering experience? How can you use this fascinating technology where there is no electricity?

Holly's Homepage said...

How nice that you have 15 jars of meat done for jungle camp! Way to be!

Kate said...

Even though you're supposed to be "learning" at Jungle Camp, it sounds like SO MUCH FUN! Camping for 2 (?) months! And with meat, you know you'll be ok! (Good job with the canning!)

pat ve said...

Your pinkie in the soldering picture was so typical. Looks like you were having fun. Good lot of meat. Will you be able to use a quart of meat in time that it won't spoil. A quart of meat would do me for 2 or 3 meals--even when I had a family home.
Well, have fun this week. love you, Mom

Dennis & Valerie said...

:) We are having fun. I like doing something so different from what I usually do (cook, clean and change diapers!)

Aunt Jean, we are making different things in class to use with our multi meter, which will be useful on the field to check amps, voltage and continuity of our appliances, batteries and solar panels. We need to learn all these things because on the field we will be using solar panels to gain and store direct current (DC) electrity to power everything.

Mom, these jars are just pints. I'm hoping to stretch each to two meals a day, with the mail meal at lunch.

Anonymous said...

Great job on the canning!


The Bradley's said...

Val you look so dainty while soldering! Looks like fun.:)