Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sunshine and Dandelions

We had a little trip to the park and the library yesterday... it was a beautiful day!

I've been enjoying bouquet after bouquet of fresh picked "flowers" this spring! My sweet little Squeaky keeps us well supplied.

Button's favorite was the teeter-totter. She can hold her own against Squeaky if Squeak gives a little jump at the bottom.
Winnie loved the swing and enjoyed the breeze blowing through her fuzzy hair.


pat ve said...

Looks like a wonderful day at the park. We enjoyed a fun day at Roberts Park with the Van Essen cousins, A. Sarah and A. Myrna. A. Myrna is always a winner with kids. She brought bubbles! The kids' favorite was the slide.
Have a great day. I hope someday I can visit--maybe even take a picnic.

Kate said...

You've inspired me - it's off to the park with the dogs!

Jean said...

Looks lovely - is the park in Durham? Winnie's hair is getting longer it looks like. all the girls are sooooo cute. I wonder what wild species will be available for bouquets at jungle camp?

Some of the trees are leafing out very gradually in our yard. I am going to move the geraniums outdoors this afternoon. They can get acclimatized before I transplant them to the ground.