Thursday, May 22, 2008

Miscellaneous Kid Stuff

Last Thursday was Field Day here. A day for the school-aged kids to compete in various track and field events. They also have a cute little preschool race that Squeaky and Button participated in. I didn't know about this beforehand, so it was fun to have Squeaky rooting for all the big kids and then have her own opportunity to race. The little kids were so cute, running for all they were worth. Button decided at the last minute that she wanted to run too, so she had center stage as she ran down the track all by herself.
On Friday evening we went to a conservation area for a picnic supper. What a lovely idea! Unfortunately, the blackflies were rampant. Fortunately, they did not bug the girls at all. Their personal spaces were fairly bug-free. They did not bug Dennis. His personal space was fairly bug free. So those four individuals had a wonderful time looking at all kinds of interesting birds in cages and playing on the playground. My personal space was not bug-free. In fact, I had a visible cloud of blackflies swarming my head the whole time. They flew in my eyes, nose, ears and mouth over and over. I spat and sputtered, finally putting Button's little knitted sweater over my head. I felt no shame in doing that, either. I would have gladly done a knitted sweater dance if I thought it would help make the blackflies go away. I guess I'll just have to chalk it up to missionary training. Here are some pictures of the non-sweaterhead people.

Look at this angry hissing goose. "Don't look at my babies!!!"


Sabrina said...

Glad to be back!
WE hav eour track meet this Friday, thankfully buddy and I will have a chance to go and see goose contend for triple jump. ( pumpkin is heading off to the sitters for the day!)
BUt it lends itself the question of why do we have track and field days anyways?! I am one of those parents who have been going to these meets for some 8 years now and every year I question the validity of them!
Any Thoughts???

pat ve said...

I can't believe how big Button is and how much more Winnie has grown since Christmas. They are so cute. Cute as a bug's ear, as they say. Maybe not as cute as a black fly's ear. I never cared for field day either except that it meant we didn't have to sit and do school work. I really didn't like it when I taught school.
Time flies and so will the black flies.

Anonymous said...

sorry about the blackflies, sweaterhead.
So cute to see Button running like that. :)

Jean said...

Well, so why are you such an attraction the to special tribe of "black flies"?

I thought that Winnie would have out grown that seat a long time ago. Can you still use that one in the car for her? She certainly looks very happy enjoying her bit of food.

Has Dennis got his garden planted yet? I haven't even gotten mine dug up and ready yet.