Tuesday, May 27, 2008

You Have Front Row Seats

Here is the argument that ensued during the making of this film.


Anonymous said...

I know I was there watching this but man, it cracked me up, 2 keys, 2 starting lines, 2 cute girls!!
Love them
Aunt Bee

Anonymous said...

So cute! Those little girls are going to bless a lot of people with those sweet voices! :)

Anonymous said...

Greaa singing! Glad you posted both versions, just so we know you have to work at these things to get them right!

P.S. you guys got bug shirts for your jungle camp- the ones that are totally mesh and zip right over your head have worked the best for us. We tested ours out yesterday on a nice long walk in the bush with the blackflies! - after having worked in the garden and got eaten alive the day before!

A. Joyce

Jean said...

Beautiful singing. they are sooooo cute.

Thanks Val for always blogging pictures and things about your kids and family activities - you fell so much closer this way.

You must be in the count down mode to start jungle camp - I hope it will be a profitable experience for all of you.

Love, A. Jean

Anonymous said...

val your videos are adorable :)
hope you're all doing well!
nicola ;)

pat ve said...

Wow! The singers and singing was great. I was told just last weekend that people who are musical i.e. can carry a tune, do better at learning "tonal" languages. I guess that might come in handy.