Friday, May 30, 2008

Why the blogs are slow in coming

Hey everyone. Things are gearing up toward our Jungle Camp experience. The rooms of our house are piled high with things that need to be packed up. Our two weeks of building starts Monday and will likely entail 12 hour workdays for Dennis and as much time as I can spare out there with three kids in tow. During that building time Dennis will also be going with the other men on a three day hike, leaving us ladies to keep on working as much as we can.
Here's an overview for those of you who may be confused:

1. Jungle Camp building starts Monday. We will have two weeks to build our homes, using wooden poles, duct tape, large sheets of plastic for walls and roof, and binder twine to hold everything together. We are allowed to live here at home during the building time.

2. We will live in the home we build for four weeks. That means we have to bring everything we will need with us as we are not allowed to leave. This is to give us an idea of what it would be like to live in a remote place and also know what it would be like to plan everything we will need a month in advance.

3. Our house is all planned out and will be 22' by 17'. This will include a kitchen, dining area, small play area for the kids, and two bedrooms. The girls will all sleep along one wall of their tiny bedroom. Squeaky and Button in bunk-bed type shelves with rails, and Winnie in a playpen next to them. We plan to divide them with a sheet of plastic so they can't stay awake all night making faces at each other.
What we have to do before Monday (when building starts):

-finish grocery shopping (enormous list)
-sort through and measure our poles on our lot to figure out what will go where
-stake our claim
-find large pieces of cardboard for underneath our mattresses and for our shelving by rummaging through dumpsters in the nearby towns
-clean house for guests that are staying here tomorrow night (the 2nd year graduation ceremony is on Saturday and lots of people are coming and going around here)
-attend graduation ceremony and help with reception and clean-up
-go to Wal-Mart and buy excessive amounts of totes for packing
-pack children up to go to Coco and Brina's (Thanks guys!!!!!!! A million thanks!)
-go on date while kids are away
-keep packing
So, now I have to run and get my laundry. :)


Jean said...

Sounds endless.

pat ve said...

Hi, Sweetheart,
Hope I get to talk to you before you go out. Sounds very rough! I'll be praying.

Kate said...

I'll pray your camping goes smoother than mine did! Have fun on your date!

Sabrina said...

:( :(
So sorry guys...we were looking forward to your date night as much as your were
:( :(
Love you all, and we are praying for you, which is the best support anyone can ask for:)

David and Amy Campsall said...

Hi Val! Remember me? haha.. I don't have a computer still so i'm just checking in on dave's work laptop. Sounds like you've had your share of faith building(very challenging) moments. I hope the allergy situation now that it's known can be kept under control. Chloe has asthma and we found out over christmas with a swift trip to emergency that chloe was allergic to cats too. Your jungle camp sounds like a challenge. But it sounds like you have been preparing well. I hope you can learn to enjoy it and that the lessons learned over your month still will be invaluable in years to come. The Lord bless. I look forward to reading up on how it went.
PS. You'll have to throw up some recipies on your blog now and then. Such as some of the canning and home made breads and such that you were making for jungle camp. I'm interested:)
All is well in newfoundland. We were just back to ontario last week for a short one week visit. We saw the parents and some siblings and friends. We're home now planting potatoes, my onions are up and dave just built a little makeshift green house for the front porch so some of my tomatoe and pepper plants are braving it out there tonight! lol. Chloe is doing a bit of school pages with me and loving it and doing well so i'm not worried about her heading to school at all. John has been pretty ... well.. like a boy... lol.. very trying lately but has his moments. He loves outdoors and is a very big helper. He spent all day outside carrying firewood and wood for building my green house and weeds pulled from the strawberry patch. Nahum is eleven months old and is in exploring mode!! he's walking around on furniture and itching to be off and going with chloe and john. He's totally happy.. even when i'm disciplining him he's laughing..(which in the future could get very irritating.. haha.. ) He's almost weaned.. i just cut out his night feeding so technically i should be done nurseing.. but he still wakes in the night.. so i'm trying to give him a sip cup with a little milk instead and hope he'll cut out waking up all together.. Dave's busy with work firewood getting(well the season for that is pretty well over) and now he's digging up weeds and just bought an old beater of a truck for firewood etc that's he's working at fixing up. Ok so there's the novel from newfoundland.
The Lord bless. Hi to Dennis
Amy Campsall
James chapter one is a good read. Might be encouraging to read as you enter junglecamp:)