Monday, June 02, 2008

And so it begins.... Building Week, post #1

It's 7am on Monday of our first Jungle Camp building week. Dennis was up and out of here an hour ago and it looks like it is going to be a beautiful sunny day!

Last night I was so wiped out that I headed to bed at 9:15. That is like, completely abnormal. So anyway, I woke up at midnight and tossed and turned uncomfortably until 2 or 2:30. So I don't think I'll be going to bed that early again for awhile. Why do these things backfire?

Pray for us- Dennis putting in long days, and me trying to figure out how I'm supposed to help with a crawling baby (no strollers allowed) and two other little girls who don't know the difference between picking up a stick on the ground and pulling out a stake that is marking a measurement- "Look Mommy, I found a stick!!"

Button is in transition from her playpen bed to a big girl bed. Last night she lasted for about an hour in the big girl bed before I removed her from the premises. She would have happily continued to ham it up with Squeaky had I not stepped in.

Here Squeaky was giving Button some pointers on drawing using magnet and board as a medium. This is Button's first identifiable artwork- do you see the little smiley face? Two tiny dots for the eyes, one dot for the nose, and a little smile underneath. I think the top part is hair.Squeaky shows her how it's done:Squeaky continues to wow me with her artistic ability. She sees shapes in everything. Her piece of toast became a little person last night, complete with "a tiny bottom, little legs, a neck right here, and her head, Mommy." She saw a smiley face up in the clouds on a car ride. I looked up and sure enough, there it was. She draws in her food. For example, she'll make little dents in the top of her yogurt to create people and animals. Here is a butterfly she drew on her board the other day.


pat ve said...

I woke up about 4:30 this morning. I prayed for you and was thinking about you and the day ahead. I am praying that the Lord will give you strength and patience for all that is in your day ahead. Those pictures give me a good idea of your area you'll be building in. I am glad you have a sunny day. I have been wondering what happens if you have a rainy day. May the Lord bless you today. I love you. Mom

Kate said...

I'm praying the housebuilding goes smoothly! And that you won't get but a few sprinkles of rain LONG after the roof is up and the sides are secure!

Jean said...

I think that the Art teacher better get busy and show her sister how to draw with a stick in the dirt or sand (which ever you have on your JC site).

Val, I think that you need an Inuit baby back pack to carry Winnie in when you don't want her on the ground.
Now if I had thought of this sooner I could have made you one (I know someone who has one). Of course the Africans use a long piece of material - a sort of sling idea.

Praying for you.
Love A. Jean

Holly's Homepage said...

It looks like you had beautiful weather for the first day of building. Keeping plugging away at it. Before you know it your house will be up and you will be moved in. We are praying for you and the class. You will have such a special time as a family living up in jungle camp.

Anonymous said...

:) Honey and I looked at these pics together, I didn't read what it said to her, we just made comments as we went along. When we got to the last picture she said, "Oh, somebody made a butterfly." She was quite impressed. It was easily recognizable too, to her, so, compliments to the artist. :)
Patti & Honey

Sarah said...

you should get the book " drawing with children" by Mona Brooks. it is one of the books we have for our 1st grade curriculum. I haven't started it with the kids yet but plan on doing it this summer. It looks really good and I have heard some really positive stuff about it. It really helps kids to expand their drawing and improve in a short time. Your little artist looks like she has a lot of potential. That is exciting.

praying for you and thinking of you as you head into the building.

Sarah said...

in relation to Aunt Jean's comment about a baby carrier. Look up MOBY wraps on line. or baby carriers. this is what I used on my trip to canada. It is long piece of cloth easy to make i would think. better than the typical carrier as it is easier on the back.