Tuesday, June 03, 2008

So, what'd you do today? Building- Day #1

We built a house! Well, started building anyway. We're weary but satisfied with a day of hard work. The first thing was to dig deep holes in which to place our main poles. The string was to keep things all in line as we went along. Dennis was out there all day, starting at 6am and getting home at 9:30pm with a 1/2 hour supper break here at home. He took his lunch up with him. The girls and I joined him from 9:30-11:30am and I went back out while the girls were napping. A friend was very kind to us and "watched" the girls while they slept so I could go out and work.
Here Dennis is using duct tape to secure the poles. We are allowed to use duct tape and binder twine to construct our homes- no nails or screws! We love duct tape! I was thinking that it'd be prettier if we were to use the colorful varieties of duct tape, but the regular stuff was donated to us.

Here you can see our main poles all up, with all the rafters fastened securely on top. You can see our house taking shape. Dennis snapped this last house shot as dusk was falling. Our roof plastic (clear greenhouse plastic) is up and stapled on two of the four sides. This was an impressive finish to a long day of work- good job, Dennis!

Tomorrow and the next few days are supposed to be rainy. We are happy to have our roof on so we will be able to stay dry underneath while we continue to work. The job of tomorrow will be to build a cradle for our big stove which is made from a metal barrel, and start to "glue" it into place with soil and finally clay. The construction of the stove cradle typically takes a few days, as the layers of clay have to dry out as we go along. Depending on the amount of rain we get in the morning I plan to take the girls out once again. If it is pouring I think I'll stay home and try to get some more packing done here. Dennis will be out there, rain or shine!

This little salamander and two of his little friends were found on our site. The girls loved seeing them and the little earthworm that accompanied them. Button told big stories about the "cute worm" later on in the day.


Kate said...

WOW! Good job for one day's work! You're both quite the constructors!

pat ve said...

I'm impressed. How high is the roof? Could Katie or I stand up inside? Dennis, you are doing a fine job. It looks like the girls are taking it in stride. You know how to take mud out of clothes, don't you, Valerie. Are salamanders common to that area? I'll be praying for you today as well. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Good job guys!!

Desiree said...

Great job! I'm praying for you guys. Wow, after this you're going to have house-building skills, duct tape skills, stove-making skills, outdoor living skills. Lucky.

Liz said...

Good job to both of you...building, taking care of your kids, and taking time to enjoy salamanders. You're off to a great start.

Anonymous said...

wow! that's a full day's work! looks really good too :)
take care,
Patti & Family

HopiQ said...

I was so excited to get your letter in the mail yesterday and now see the pictures today!!! What an exciting adventure! It's so neat to see your progress. I am very impressed.

Sabrina said...

Wow, that is really pretty awesome.... where's the guest room?!
Praying for your transition from playpen to big bed. OUr littlest rugrat just decided that he no longer wants to be in his big boy bed. NOPE, just the playpen, naps, bed time and time-outs!
I think you guys will need a good massage after all this..... come over for a weekend, and I'll teach you a few tricks of the trade so you two can take care of each other's sore aching muscles!

Jean said...

I'm impressed with the building going up so quickly. I hope if it rains tomorrow that there isn't too much wind along with it because without sides on that edifice you won't be dry very long if there is a lot of wind.

Love & prayers, A. Jean

Glidewell Family said...

We have arrived in Florida! Thought of you today and prayed for you all as we have nothing better to do sitting in the car hours on end. (We would have still prayed for you ;-) ) looks good and progress is being made. Glad to see you have nice weather!
Pray for you tomarrow!