Saturday, June 07, 2008

Day Five- counters, benches and beds

Today was very hot and humid. Under the trees it was quite nice though, with a pleasant breeze blowing all the smoke around. Smoke is a good thing- it keeps the bugs at bay.

Dennis went out early again, and the girls and I came along midmorning. I did a bit of decorating on the stove. I really like these buttons on there and no, I don't know if they'll melt or not. :)
Our shower floor:
Our bed skeleton:
Benches for around our table, which you can see propped up in the background:
Kitchen counter and sink area, not quite finished over there by the sink yet:

The poles around a tree by our lot have been sorted through, creating a small fort for the girls to hide away in. In this picture the girls were sitting on their "tuffets". Dennis said, "Our girls must be the only children their age who know what a tuffet is and ask to sit on one."

You will also notice Squeaky's bug jacket. She can actually make it look cute.

Tying these counters is a lot of work, especially if the person tying them has a bit of a problem with being perfectionistic...

Here is how our house looks so far. It is very messy and I hope it doesn't look like that all the time! The two close poles in the front of the picture is our doorway. On the right of that is where our table and benches are. To the left is our kitchen. Beyond that in the back right corner is the girls' room and to the left is our room. The shower is right behind the stove between it and our bed. The 'big' space between the dining area and the girls' room is a play area. And that's about it! We have many more shelves to do yet. It is coming together though! Some of our classmates are doing really well and are able to take a little time off tonight and tomorrow. We will be working all day. :)

Here's the view from our front door.


HopiQ said...

What an adventure!!! I just showed David the pictures from the last five days. This is just amazing. We're praying for you guys. Even though it's not in the jungle (yet), it is a real test! Thank you so much for making a record of it for us.

Jean said...

U. Helmut just went all through your pictures we are both quite impressed.

Fancy stove - real color attraction there.

U. H. says he hopes the bugs don't get you.

He also said he's done lots of construction but never any like what you are doing.

Were the poles all prepared for you or did you get them all sawed up yourselves ahead of time?

Looks like it might be livable once the plastic is on. Oh, by the way will you really have much privacy? This type of plastic seems a little see through to me.

Love, A. Jean Lots of XOXOXOXOXOXOXO's for the girls.

pat ve said...

You are really making progress. I think your house looks a lot more roomy than I thought it would be. Will the "stuff" go out in totes or cardboard boxes. Will you have to store, or have storage for much of your stuff. Like, will your pans have to sit on the floor. I wish I could be there and keep your little girls occupied while you work, but it looks like they are enjoying this adventure as well. The Lord give you rest and strength. Love, Mom

Glidewell Family said...

Hey Valerie!
You are doing a great job! Last year when the men left on their hike we only had our roof up and a few poles in the ground for future furniture. I can't believe how fast the whole class is going.
Ace says to Dennis - Swim under the grotto!

David said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures. You guys are doing such an awesome job! When you talk about humidity, it calls back so many memories of family camping trips. "Damp" sometimes doesn't begin to describe rustic living.

Dennis, I just hung some stuff in my house and got to experience gravity bringing it down on my head. Good luck with the stovepipe. You know what "stovepipe" means in engineering shorthand? It means a job that is field-fitted, i.e. there aren't any detailed plans prior.

Val, really liked your decorative touch on the oven with the buttons. I was thinking that ceramic tiles might survive the experience a little better, though?