Sunday, June 08, 2008

Day Six- Details

Today we worked on making our house look more like a home. This part is more fun for me, because I am able to jump right in without doing a lot of measuring and cutting. Dennis has told me several times that he is finding this fun. Hard work, but fun!
Squeak is posing beside a little green caterpillar on the stool.
Here is our shower with the supporting poles up. Squeaky is posing again.
Hanging out in our dining area:

This is a nice shot of what we got done today before I came back home with the girls. Dennis stayed up until dark so I imagine that he got more plastic up on the outside walls. We put screen in on the one side of the seating area and black plastic on the bottom. That will be secured by burying the bottom in 12 inches of dirt. In this picture the plastic is blowing up in the wind.

This is my start at decorating. I'm hesitant to do too much before we have the walls up. I would be so sad if the cushions for the bench (which will be on both the bench and against the backrest) got wet in the rain. We've had some pretty big blowy type storms this week, especially at night.

Tomorrow is Sunday, so we are taking a day of rest! I've never felt like I needed it like I do right now!

The girls did a couple of videos for you to enjoy over the weekend.


Glidewell Family said...

I love your singing girls!
To answer your questions e-mail me at Glidewell(at)

Jean said...

We used to call it a broken record when it played the same thng over and over - I think button sounds a bit like a broken record but it sure is cute.

Squeaky is singing very well and I love all the motions that she puts into it.

Your house seems to be coming along very well and looking more livable all the time.

Enjoy your day of rest. May you find spiritual renewal today as you fellowship with the Lord and His people.

Those padded stools look pretty good. I had to enlarge the picture to the full screen to see the caterpeller that Squeaky was posing with. Those type are just beginning to attack our trees here. I heard that they are supposed to be pretty bad this year - we will see.

pat ve said...

Oh, I love you all. Just wish I could give you hugs and go and see your little house in the little jungle or little house in the big woods. Are those padded benches for the girls or more like living room "couches"? I am anxious to see what makes the shower head. Get some good rest. I love you and am praying for you. Mom

Andrew & Amberlynne Claussen said...