Monday, June 09, 2008

What is in store for us this week?

The guys are taking a three day hiatus from building, starting today. They are all going on a rigorous three day, two night hike. It is an interesting choice of timing as all we can think about right now is building our Jungle Camp home!

The guys have to carry everything they need on this hike. They've carefully planned what they will eat at each meal and divided up the load so that each guy carries a part. They will be tenting and cooking over a campfire.

Apparently the route they are taking along the coast is quite beautiful. I've sent along a camera with Dennis. The ladies will be taking a similar hike in four weeks (during Jungle Camp) although ours is only a two day, one night hike and we don't have to pack our stuff in. Someone will be bringing our food and supplies in by car and setting up our campsite for us.
But for now, the girls and I are here to carry on the work out at Jungle Camp. This ought to be interesting, trying to juggle home life, normalcy and frenzied work on our house. Also, this morning I woke up with a bad upset stomach and a clear understanding that I won't be going far from our modern conveniences today. Normally I wouldn't mention such things on here- but I'm really needing prayer as the next three days stretch out before me and my mind and body are stressed. Thanks!


Glidewell Family said...

Hey Val,
Do what you can the next three days but don't stress out about it. Your JC home will never be finished. Just like a real home you'll always want to fix,upgrade, and change things. Our house didn't have a door and didn't have screen up when we move up also our shower stopped working when we moved up. No shower for three days. We are praying for ya!

pat ve said...

I can't imagine walking with all that gear. Dennis told me last night how many miles they'd cover each day, and the longest was 13 miles. He looks really healthy and strong. Lots of outdoor color compared to his years in acedemia. I will be praying for all of you. Hope you get feeling better soon. Is Sq. better? Love, Mom

Jean said...

Wishing Dennis all the best on the hike. He looks well loaded and fit for the adventure. I hope he has along enough energy supply - is gorpe a part of the kit?

I well remember years ago when Helmut went back packing with some of the Jr. High students and all the preparation that went into that trip getting everything needed packed so that it could be carried. Gorpe (I'm not sure of the spelling) was a main feature of the snack food for the journey. It consisted of granola type mix with chocolate chips, nuts, raisins and I don't remember what all else. He also had to get some biodegradable soap - I think there is still a tube of that around here.

I'll be praying for you that you'll soon get passed the GI upset. How are the girls today? Perhaps the Lord is saying you need a day of being close to home to renew your strength for the coming days.

Love, A. Jean

Anonymous said...

will pray :) take care,