Saturday, June 14, 2008

Our Jungle Camp Adventure Begins

We're excited to move up to our Jungle Camp home today. We'll be living in our new home for four weeks.

Here is just some of what we brought with us:

We started moving our stuff up at midnight and by 2am we had made three trips.

It was exhausting! I stumbled in to bed at 4:30am and Dennis did another trip up alone. I think in total we will have made 10 round trips taking our stuff up. We have a few last minute things to pack out of our fridge and we'll need to grab Squeaky and Buttons' beds after naptime.

Our days in Jungle Camp won't be boring. There are some activites planned for us during that time, which include a week of extended Bible study. The men are to study for six hours a day while the women with children will be studying for four hours. Another thing we have to look forward to is a chicken kill; learning how to go from squawking chicken to succulent chicken meat on our plates. We also have a few classes with the two staff couples who will be living up there with us. We will also have a hair cutting class, the women's hike, an open house for NTMC staff and the big open house that you all are invited to!

Three things you can do for us in the next month:

1. Pray for us! This time will be stretching in many ways as we combat bugs, dirt, and small children eating bugs and dirt. You can pray that the Lord will use this experience to grow us up in Him.

2. Write to us! We will be getting snail mail delivered to us daily. You can use our normal address.

313363 Hwy 6 S
Box 707
Durham, ON
N0G 1R0

3. Visit us! Our open house weekend is July 5-6. Please come and see us at any time during those two days. Contact the main office at 519-369-2622 for directions on how to get here or for more information.

We hope to see you there!


Anonymous said...

have fun, see you in July!!
love yas

Kate said...

I know you won't read this for four weeks! I'll be thinking and praying for you all! (Esp. during the chicken kill - yikes!)

pat ve said...

Don't know if you tried to call, but I was glad to talk to you at midnight. I'm glad the Lord doesn't have fixed hours nor is limited to man's electronic gizmos. I will be praying much for you. Probably won't make it to the Open House. Love, Mom

HopiQ said...

I wish we could come for a visit! We are think about you and praying for you all as you step it up on your adventure!!!

Jeff & DeAnna said...

The posts left so far have been printed up and sent to Dennis and Valarie. Tonight was staff open house. They seem to be doing well. Valarie says to tell you all that she forgot her postage stamps. It's been cold, espcially at night, so you can pray for warmer weather.