Saturday, July 12, 2008

And Just Like That, We're Back

Hi everybody! We're back from our Jungle Camp experience! This morning as we laid on our air mattress and gazed through our plastic roof for the last time we discussed what an amazing opportunity we had this summer. Not everybody gets to make a little house out in the woods and live there for a month.

I'm excited to share some of our pictures with you and some of the stories! Tonight we are too tired, and I can't find my original camera card in the pile of stuff we brought home. These pictures were taken during the last two weeks of Jungle Camp. One picture was taken on Canada Day, July 1 of our attempt at painting maple leaves on the girls' faces. The next was taken in front of our home on Open House weekend, and the last picture was taken this morning of our lot where our little house stood only hours before.


Anonymous said...

So glad you're back! So glad it went well! So glad!!!! :) Can't wait to hear all about it!

Sarah said...

Wow that had to be hard to tear down a house so quickly that took you so long to build. I am sure you have some wonderful memories. I am glad you survived and were able to enjoy the time. We look forward to seeing more pictures and hearing all about it. Enjoy your own little bed tonight.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, so glad you're back blogging again -- we all missed you a lot!! Did you cry? That last picture is sad if you ask me! Have a great sleep in your pillow top bed!! :) I hope Button is glad to pray new prayers in her new house! :)

Bill Yeo said...

Welcome back to civilization! =) I can only imagine the sense of fulfillment you guys must have at accomplishing what you did - with the Lord's help, no doubt! The challenges must have been interesting! If our schedules mesh, I hope Andrew and I can make another visit in late August, and I can hear more about things in person!

Glidewell Family said...

Hey your back early. Ace and I thought it would be tear down day today (July 12th).
The last picture is sad. Ace and I took one last walk up in JC about a week or so after tear down and it was so sad. It was desolate like a Ghost town.

Anonymous said...

yay, welcome back! I can't wait to hear about your month. Be sure to mention how beautiful the niagara escarpment was! ;) I also want to know what you like best about being "back"... for me, after a long camping trip, it was always about the nice, hot, long shower I'd take!
- Heather Sztanyo

Kate said...

Good to have you back and blogging! Details soon, ok? :)

Jean said...

I see you made it back - of course I talked to your Mom last night.

So your house wasn't one selected to stay up for the fall open house - sorry.

What memories you'll have and learning experiences.

Waiting to see the rest of the four weeks of details.

I just got my pictures all up loaded but will give you time to get more episodes blogged before I put up the ones we took at the open house.

I am so glad we were able to come and visit. Thanks for having us.

Love, A. Jean