Saturday, August 30, 2008

Beginning with a Bar-B-Que

We kicked off our year with a BBQ last night-

It was sunny when we left home but soon got quite chilly. Of course I hadn't brought sweaters for the girls. We borrowed some, but they sure looked funny.

Here Dennis is posing- not really sure what he's trying to look like he's doing:

We are only just a little bit odd...


Jean said...

Odd? Is that your tongue or a hot dog?

The girls are cute big sweaters and all.

Was the BBQ on the school property or some place else?

pat ve said...

Really cute pictures of those 35 and under--especially the girls in their big sweaters. I bought a sweatshirt and wore it nearly all the time in CA. I took it off when I walked in my house this afternoon.

Dennis and Valerie said...

How old do you think I am, Mom?

Patti and Bruce said...

I guess you've got a face only a mother could love in that pic, Val. She still thinks you're cute even when you're odd :)