Monday, September 01, 2008

All Good Things Must Come to an End...

I am sad to see this day come. But after enduring night after night of listening to my little singing songbird I've had it.

I did what needed to be done.

Squeaky's naps have ended. Goodbye, three hours of blissful quiet in the afternoon. Hello, quiet-sitting-on-your-bed-don't-get-off-under-penalty-of-losing-snack-privileges time. And hopefully she'll start sleeping before 10pm now.


pat ve said...

Oh Val! How long is her daytime REST? I remember having been there and it is bittersweet. We enjoy the small privileges of toddlerhood (like the kid's nap) but we DO want to see them grow up. It's funny how we hate to nap ages~~3 to upper teens. Then all of a sudden, NAPS ARE WONDERFUL. Hope this will aleviate some of the hassle at bedtime. Squeaky has a pretty cute dress on for rest time. Love you all. Mom
BTW~I do know your age. Your cuteness didn't include the tongue picture in the last blog.

Anonymous said...

I feel you pain! Jonah stopped napping in the spring. He was having trouble at bedtime too. I still find 4:30ish hard when the missed nap starts to affect him but it is really nice to have a quiet house at 7:00p.m. again so you'll definitely find it worth it!