Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Training Kids

I woke up this morning kind of early. So I went for a walk and listened to this sermon called Don't Waste Your Kids.

There are many things jumbled up in my brain on the topic of raising kids. I know I'm not alone- those of you who are parents would likely identify with my strong desire to raise children to the glory of God. But I often get sidetracked with the benefits rather than the ultimate goal, i.e. just wanting good behavior rather than a heart that loves God and is submitted to Him.

It all requires so much attention and consistency! I'd rather just say things once, pray once, discipline once... viola- kids who love God!

The sermon that I was listening to underscored something I've been thinking about for awhile. If my kids are to learn to be wise, then I must include them on my own walk in wisdom. Let them be in the company of the wise rather than in the company of fools. Keep them close to me even while our culture sends a clear message that they will not be properly socialized that way. Instruct my kids as they work, play and learn alongside me, not the other way around. Keep them in the company of the wise.
That begs the question, "So, am I wise?"


Jean said...

Interesting thoughts to consider and pray about.

Incidentally training kids is all about repetition -"line upon line, precept upon precept".. some where in Isaiah. It is how each one of us learns no matter our age. Also sometimes experience is the best teacher because we then have something that reenforces the message.
Ah, you know all that anyway.
Love, A. Jean

Desiree said...

Thanks for passing that along, Val! Very encouraging and possible only through divine enablement. :) Which is available to us through Him.

pat ve said...

That was a really good message. I don't think I did the best--well I didn't. I liked how he gave a way of explaining things/reasons to our children. The idea of keeping our children alongside us as we work and walk--that was definitely my mom's way. I don't think I modeled it that well. Anyway, it is good strong stuff to consider. Also the part about training our children until we like them. Better yet, until their ways are pleasing to the Lord and that is also their desire. Good thoughts.