Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Grandma = Fun

My Mom came up for the Jungle Camp Open House, and then stayed with Dennis' parents while we finished up the last week in the bush. Then we picked her up on the Saturday and she was able to spend a little over a week with us!

It was so great to show her around and for her to see firsthand what we're up to. My dad's health problems and regular dialysis had kept them from visiting us up here for the past three and a half years.

We tried out the lake here on camp one afternoon.We had a picnic behind our house:Sampled Timbits together:And visited Inglis Falls up near Owen Sound: After seeing Inglis Falls and having a picnic lunch there, we headed up around the "scenic" highway #1. This took us around the coastline going from Owen Sound up to Wiarton. Most of the coast was overgrown with trees and we only got a glimpse of the water a few times. We did find a boat launch area so we stopped and enjoyed that until I suggested we get the girls out of the sun. They loved it there. Daddy showed his rock skipping skilz and I even skipped a few lamely across the water. I was pretty impressed with Dennis' abilities.

We had one change of clothing to split between all three girls. So Squeaky got the clean, dry pants and Button got a clean shirt.
The last thing we did together was to go to Niagara Falls.

We all went up together in the new Ferris wheel at the Falls. It provided a great view and wasn't too expensive. Squeaky loved it, Winnie was ambivolent and Button wouldn't get off my lap.

This last picture is for A. Jean.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Val, I love the picture of your picnic behind your house, with all of the girls crowding to sit beside Grandma and you all by your lonesome on your side of the table. :) I always love having company because I get to go off of "preferred" status for a bit and the kids want the guest to do everything for them, from seating at the table to wiping little bottoms.
:) Heather Sztanyo