Friday, August 15, 2008

Grampa & Gramma = Fun 2x

What is fun about going to Gramma and Grampas' house? Eating from the garden, playing outside in their huge yard, having tea with Gramma (a four year old's privilege), coloring with Grampa, picking raspberries, going for walks, picking garden veggies with Gramma, playing in the sprinkler, reading books and getting read to, eating tart apples from the tree, picnics and roasted marshmallows...

We had such a wonderful time! Thanks Grampa and Gramma for the great visit and for putting up with us for two whole weeks! :)


pat ve said...

That time will have memories for all of you. So good that you could be with Gr, and Gr. and the WHOLE BUNCH! It was nice that they could sample so many fruits and veggies right from the garden. Hi to Gramma and Grampa.

Jean said...

Looks great fun.

Why does little W. have to have her back to the rest of the folks at the picnic table? I think it is probably safer - she can't kick her feet on the table and fall over backwards (like great Uncle Jim did).

You get the best pictures of the girls!

Wish I could hug'em all.

You could all come out here and help pick beans for another garden experience.

Patti & Bruce said...

all that fun and Gramma's curlers too... that's always a highlight too :)
It was fun to see everyone...well, we missed Bee, but you saw her. So fun to see all the cousins playing together!
Love to you all,

David and Amy Campsall said...

Looks like you had fun. Nice to see a picture of sarah too. I haven't physically seen sarah since graduation!!! But we've kept in touch. I suppose that was the last time i saw you too???? could it really be that long!!! I guess you're not too far off of classes starting up again. Do you get to keep the same house to live in for this year?
What does the year ahead hold for you in terms of preparing for the mission field? Any leading as to a place to serve yet? The Lord Bless and keep you

Anonymous said...

I'll be stealing the picture of the littlest cutie from when she just squatted by the garden forever!!