Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bad Venues/Great Company

Matthew and Sarah (my brother and sister-in-law) from Nebraska were up in Canada last month for the funeral of their precious niece, Elysha Brooks. We were able to enjoy an afternoon together in Markham the week after the funeral.

Not really knowing the area well left us searching for a park or playground of some sort. Equipped with a map, we travelled around in caravan looking for a playground with some shade. We finally settled for a playground in the sun... but the kids soon got too hot and we moved to another park for a picnic supper. This one was a conservation area and didn't have a playground. The kids ran around blissfully in the grassy fields while we parents continually pointed out all the goosepoop they were stepping on and around. It was totally gross, but with nine kids underfoot it isn't too easy to just hop in the van and move somewhere else.

Uncle Dennis climbed high up an evergreen tree and salvaged a kite that had entangled itself there. He immediately was hailed a hero and the kids happily took turns running around with the kite flying out behind them.

The rest of us had a nice visit on a beautiful afternoon. :) Thanks Matt and Sarah for taking the time to get together with us!


pat ve said...

Beautiful afternoon. Notice Matthew's right hand as he is pontificating?

Sarah said...

It was a lot of fun, thanks for coming down and spending the day with us. ( I still have to down load my photos).

love you lots

Jean said...

Sounds like fun. Cherish those family get-togethers - they may become few and far between.

Is it hot out your way? Sure is hot today about 32c here in Wpg. the harvest of garden and apples has started.

Patti and Bruce said...

Sorry we weren't home to direct you to a better park. I found one yesterday with a splash pad for the kids. That would have been fun.