Monday, August 18, 2008

Here We Go Again

Today is the first day that we (now 2nd year) students are to be back, officially. Dennis will be working all day for Practical Training Course (PTC), which usually consists of construction work and maintenance on this beautiful campus. Usually this class is only in the afternoons, but for this entire week they will get full days out of these guys. Dennis generally likes PTC and the variety of what they do keeps it interesting.

I will be hanging around here with the girls. I'll have some extra laundry to do since Squeaky had another surprise episiode of throwing up last night when we were visiting with some friends. Things may be interesting for me today. It is eerily similar to the last time she was sick like that- right down to the same day of the week, similar occasion- visiting friends, same food eaten (bbq hamburgers, salad and watermelon) and the same high level of activity after eating. For those of you who are going to puzzle over this one, she has had each of those foods with no problem between the two episodes...

I was going to answer a couple of questions that I've been asked.
What are you doing in your training now? Our second year of classes here at New Tribes begins next Monday. Our first couple of weeks will be focusing on sounds and symbols of language. I think this will include sounds and symbols of language that are familiar to us as well as those that other language groups use that are unique to them or their region of the world. Yes, maybe in a few weeks I'll be able to make a 'click' in the back of my throat... :)

This second year of training focuses mainly on language and culture acquistion. Simply put, we will be taught the basics of how to learn any language and how to interpret and catalog information we glean about another culture. I'm excited about this year, but I know that it will include more homework and brain crunching than the first year.

Are you living in the same place as last year or do you have to move? We have the same lovely apartment that we had last year! :)

Where are you going to go when you're done training? We don't know yet. No one makes this decision for us, so we're still praying and asking the Lord for direction. There are a few countries that have topped our list of interest, but we are very open to considering anything. You can pray for us as we'd like to make this decision within the next 6 months or so. We are confident that God will give us wisdom as we ask for it!

And to finish off, here is a little "motion picture" for you to enjoy. Watch Winnie as you scroll down through the pictures. I was trying to get her to look at the camera.


Anonymous said...

Mexico needs lots of missionaries. : )

pat ve said...

Awww, you took away Quinnie's drink. Do you remember the picture we got of David's family? BJ was obviously teary eyed. On closer look, you could see that the hand of the fingers he sucked were being held down. I have always treasured that picture. Wishing you God's blessing and direction for the new year and all that is to come. I think you'll easily take to mouth "noises". Love you all, Mom


Jean said...

Three very cute little pumpkins. Love ya all. aunt Jean

David and Amy Campsall said...

Aha, Thanks for the little update to my questions:)Sounds like it's going to be a good year. I will try to remember to pray for direction for you as well. It is hard sometimes to wait and wait... and .. wait... LOL we are in the midst of a little decision making too. I know the Lord will lead and make things clear. The Lord bless you guys! Oh by the way.. nice wheels dennis has. haha
Hi to dennis
Love Amy