Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Our Anniversary

Dennis brought me red roses!


Liz Brown said...

Congratulations! :)

(I was at the NTM facility in Jersey Shore, PA. It was great!)

Jean said...

How sweet of him. Congratulations and best wishes. Seven years now - right?

pat ve said...

Seven years ago yesterday, in Bancroft it was absolutely a gorgeous fall day. Seven years ago today--up there, it was snowing. I'm sure you were so happy that the weather didn't even matter. I can still see Steve Burson out in the front yard of Easton's, in shorts, head tilted toward the sky in order to catch snowflakes. I am wondering if you both can do a Katie and Eric type kiss, as you did at your reception. Lots and lots of good memories of your wedding and joys in remembering God's leading and guiding and faithfulness to you these past 7 plus years. Love you,

Kate said...

Can you believe how fast seven years flies by??? Happy Anniversary you two!