Thursday, October 09, 2008

This is a very rainy day. It doesn't make me feel very confident about tomorrow. Supposedly the weatherman has forecast a beautiful, sunny day for tomorrow which is great because we will be spending the afternoon lazily canoeing down the scenic Saugeen. Or perhaps it will be frantically flipping our canoe down the freezing Saugeen. Something like that. You can read about last years' trip and predict how this year will go if you have nothing to do.

Here is a picture of the roses Dennis bought me for our anniversary! So sweet. The book is our "card book". We don't like shelling out 3 bucks everytime an event occurs in our lives, like birthdays, special days and anniversaries, so Dennis and I write in this book to each other. It saves money, and it is really fun to look back and see where we were in years past.

Winnie girl all grown up. :)


pat ve said...

I hope you have a really good canoe trip tomorrow. Who keeps the girls? Remember your trip with David down the Niobrara? Have you canoed with Dennis before? How far/long do you expect to go?be gone. Hope it's lots of fun. I REALLY like your book idea for cards. Did you come up with that at the beginning? The roses are lovely, but not as lovely as Miss Winnie. She is such a sweet doll. Lots of love, Mom

Kate said...

What a big girl Winnie has become! So grown up indeed! I must agree with "pat ve" - I LOVE the card book! Much more economical, and you get to say exactly what you want and feel. Happy Anniversary again!

Anonymous said...

The card book is perfect, I really don't like cards either and then you feel guilty throwing them out, what a brilliant idea!! Can't wait to see you and the girls in person!!

Jean said...

The roses are beautiful, I hope they will last a few days yet.

Winnie looks so very bright and pretty in that outfit. she is growing for sure.

Have a great canoe trip, I love them and hope we can have at least one more this fall. Are you going to take pictures? So far I only took pictures on one trip when I could borrow a water tight container to put the camera in - you"ve heard about my luck with cameras near water.

Inside Out said...

Hey, I like the book idea too! Please take down the picture of the roses. I don't want my dear wife knowing that they exist.