Sunday, November 09, 2008

"You are no longer listed as married..."

One thing I found out today:

An accidental change on facebook can scare a lot of people.

I was editing my profile this morning and didn't realize that doing so made all my other information default.

My friends were greeted with "Valerie has broken her relationship with Dennis" on their home pages.

I'm glad to know so many people were looking out for us that they'd call, comment or send a message to me. It is good to know that there would be immediate accountability with our friends if we were to go off the deep end in our marriage.

So, no harm done- Dennis and I are loving and being loved, secure in our commitment to each other and to God, surrounded by friends and family who care enough to demand an explanation if something were to go wrong!


pat ve said...

I guess marriage counseling cost a few phone calls and some time on your keyboard. Glad your relationship is intact. Love you, Mom

The Biehns said...

Whew....glad that God is always in control!..even over facebook. LOL. This will be a great story to tell future generations.
Keep the love strong and enjoy it!

Inside Out said...

Hah:) I saw that you "married" him, but didn't realize the break up first! Don't think that we care about you though... I just don't want Dennis coming to live with us!