Monday, November 10, 2008

Look what we have today!

Woke up to this:
The first big snowfall of the year. So the girls and Daddy got right to work:

And created "Snowman":
He has since acquired a hat, but I haven't gotten a picture of that yet.
Happy snowday, everyone!


Jean said...

What long arms you have, Snowman.

Good job Squeaky, Button, Winnie and Daddy.

We had rain, snow and freezing temps since Thurs. last week. You can guess what that does to the roads, and walkways. The main roads are pretty dry by now but the side streets and walkways are in terrible shape with ice. Have to be very cautious or take my good man walking with me to help steady me.

Enjoy winter.

Oh, by the way Andrew & Barbie are planning for some time next July for the wedding but the date is not yet set. It will likely be in her home area with a second reception here in Wpg. later on.

Christine said...

Ooooh, pretty!

Anonymous said...

can't wait for snow here :) looks like fun :)

Kate said...

I knew I smelled snow...I just thought it'd be closer to home! Lucky you guys! I LOVE SNOW! :)

pat ve said...

Are the girls enjoying the snow? I've forgotten--is their school in the next building down, and your classes in the basement under your apt.?

Anonymous said...

I want snow!