Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Learning Hungarian

We started our techniques practicum yesterday. We've been learning a specific method of language and culture acquisition and now we have a chance to practice with a real language.

Yesterday we started off with a "Culture Event". We went with our language helpers, a kind couple from town here, to the grocery store and bought a few ingredients, then came back to our house and cooked an authentic Hungarian meal. We used this time to start building a relationship with our helpers and to get acquainted with a bit of Hungarian culture.

We made lecso (letch-o) with mashed potatoes and palacsinta (pa-la-tcheen-ta) for dessert.

Lecso is made with peppers (we used green and yellow), onion and tomato, sauted in a frying pan. Then we added salt, paprika and 4 eggs cooked all through the lecso.

Palacsinta are crepes. We spread raspberry jam over them and rolled them up. Even the kids loved these!

Our next step is to use objects and pictures from this culture event to learn Hungarian verbs and nouns. The technique at this stage of language learning is comprehension plus one. This means that we will put out two or three objects on a table (or pick three objects in a photo) and point to them. Our helper will give us the Hungarian word for each and then quiz us as we point to the object that matches the word she is giving. We will repeat this process as we add more objects one at a time.

Hopefully by the end of today we will recognize the words for 30 nouns and be able to say two or three greeting-type phrases in Hungarian!


Jean said...

Sounds like a speed course to learn a new language. The big thing is if oou can remember the words for the objects at the end of the week or in a month when you haven't needed them in the mean time.

we have a very good friend that is Hungarian he loves his food very spicy and green & yellow peppers wouldn't have been quite hot enough. did you choose those because they are milder?

Have fun while you learn.

pat ve said...

I see that it did have something to do with hunger. I also see that the dishes are yours. Did they come to your house? Did you make the meals yourself, or did they? What fun. I am glad you're taking the taste risk. I wouldn't mind learning the language, but the food part would be harder for me, unless I were "hungerian".