Sunday, November 16, 2008

Winnie P. Mibbs

Just thought this little muppet needed some air-time. And I also needed a brain break after a week of thinking and breathing Hungarian!

I don't know of anyone else who could pull off the sheepdog look so adorably:

She went outside and played in the snow one day this week. She didn't get much time in the snow last year, being a baby and all.

Here she is having a picnic with her Baby. Looks like Baby is basking on her back or something.

Having a ride in the IKEA bag.



Christine said...

Aww so cute!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pictures, she's soooo cute eh?

Jean said...

Love the "sheep dog" look. Now she can really enjoy the snow.

Dennis, that is sure muscle building for one shoulder. How far you going to pack her?

Glidewell Family said...

She sure has the cute meter pegged!

pata ve said...

What a cute feature of baby, now 1 year old. She is so cute. I haven't been around to check the blogs, but these pictures will always be a sight for sore eyes, as they say... or tired body.