Wednesday, November 19, 2008


One of my special memories from childhood is trying to teach my mom to blow bubbles with gum. We were camping at a cabin that summer (Chadron?) and my mom told me to run down to the camp store with a bit of change and pick up several pieces of bubblegum. I remember making several trips back to the store before we both had successfully completed bubble-blowing 101.

This was special for two reasons:

1. I wasn't allowed to chew gum in our house growing up (I guess the mess-risk was too big)


2. It wasn't often that I was given change and told to go buy something so frivolous as gum!

Here's Squeaky's big moment:


Christine said...

I don't allow my kids gum because of the mess risk, haha.


Desiree said...

that's great. And bigtime props to Dennis for not caring about the plop! A parent after my own heart. BTW, totally cracking Bai up seeing her cousin dancing around.

Anonymous said...

This is really funny!!
Aunt Bee

Jean said...

Really good. Has she mastered bubble blowing 101 yet? Can your Mom still pass the final test?

You sure think of some good ideas for video taping.

Glidewell Family said...

You have such cute children! I love the gum blowing video.

pat ve said...

I don't think I EVER was able to blow a bubble. I think Valerie is giving me more credit than I deserved. I don't even remember that incident, but I'm sure that Squeaky will probably remember hers, though unsuccessful. For Squeaky and me it is--bubble trouble.