Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's Coming....!

Having so much snow makes it seem Christmasey here. So we started decorating our house. The girls were so excited. I think they were especially excited to see the stockings, which to them means candy. We got out our Jesse Tree early this year to compensate for our early departure for Christmas vacation in December. These pictures are of the girls helping set it up last week. We started tonight with the story of God creating the world.

This was Winnie's first time helping decorate the tree.
Then we put up a garland on our staircase. These two did a great job and only fought a little... :)Winnie wasn't too thrilled with standing on the step. I think she was scared.
Here she is sorting through the decorations and overseeing the decorating of the garland.

Here is Squeaky and the Jesse Tree in December 2006:

December 2007:

Ok, this makes me sort-of sad and melancholy, here she is now in 2008, where'd my little chubby cheeked baby go? How does that even happen?


pat ve said...

Oh, those are such good pictures of the precious girls and their expressions (even the scardey one of Winnie) as they get involved with decorations. Those are moments to treasure.

Jean said...

Merry Christmas over there in ON.

We are leaving tomorrow to celebrate Thanksgiving again on Thurs. - this time in PA.

You seem to have more snow than we have. Did you get as much as London & Sarnia?

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, have fun celebrating!!

Anonymous said...

I've been digging through my stuff to see if you gave me a copy of the verses you use for your Jessie tree. Do you think you did? I gotta keep looking. I meant to ask you when you were here the other day.
Looks nice and wintery there. Our snow is nearly gone here today. Too bad.
thanks for the nice pics.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you did give it to me :) thanks I found it :)
Today I bought felt to make a nice green tree for us.