Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Super Breakfasts and Beans, among other things

One of the big things this past week has been playing "super-guy". I've told you about this cape and mask that Dennis has before. Well, the girls got ahold of them again and have been taking turns wearing them. Super-guy specializes in saving small children who are lost under the covers on the bed, left behind by a daddy and mommy who went away, or are being hunted by ferocious lions (usually under the comforter as well).

One morning I came downstairs and was greeted with great solemnity and graveness by Button who said, "Mommy, I am having a super-breakfast."

We've had these little bean plants growing in our window for quite some time. The girls planted beans as a project in childcare one day. They survived being planted, uprooted, shaken around on the way home, and being replanted. Not only did they survive, but they both produced a bean. Super-guy day #2 was a great day to eat their beans.

I heard clop-clop-clop and looked down to find Winnie clomping around in my wedding shoes. She was pretty tickled with herself for finding them and getting them on.


pat ve said...

Hey there Super-guys! I like your beans and breakfasts and bride shoes. Most of all I love you all. Tell the girls that the cousins in Lincoln and U. Matt and A. Sarah and grandma have BEAN to IA for Thanksgiving. Looking forward to Christmas. Keep healthy.

Anonymous said...

Very cute

The Biehns said...

What a blessing these little ones are. Thanks for sharing these moments with us. Continue to allow the creativity and imagination, that God has given them and both of you as parents, to flourish. He must have some amazing plans ahead for you all.

Jean said...

Always so cute. Yummy beans - I am really surprised that they produced beans indoors like that.

Anonymous said...

Now that you ate them are you a "Has Been"?