Sunday, December 09, 2007

Countdown 'til Christmas

We hauled out our box of Christmas decorations on Friday. Last year was the first time we set up this Jesse tree. It is a fun way to count off the days until Christmas and goes through the Bible from creation to Jesus reigning as King. The girls were really excited to see it go up and eagerly put on the felt symbols each day. This is the first year Button has been able to enjoy doing things like this; last year she was too busy crying at the scary Christmas tree to enjoy anything.

Before we moved we gave away our Christmas tree, assuming that we wouldn't have enough room for it in our new place. I'm a little sad that we did that, but it is just a "thing" and things don't matter. It is fun to have our Jesse tree, and we did hang up some of the special ornaments we kept on a string hanging from our curtain rod. The girls thought that the lights and the ornaments were beautiful- just check out Squeaky's look of awe. And here we are, taking pictures of ourselves.

Here's a funny clip of us trying to get Squeaky to say something we wanted. It was impossible! We were trying to make a plea to Bob Kauflin as to why he should give us a copy of the Christmas album, "Saviour: Celebrating the Mystery of God Become Man." He was giving free copies to those who asked for one creatively. She was supposed to say, "Because we are so tired of Veggie Tales" to the question Dennis asked.


Bob Kauflin said...

Dennis and Valerie,

I found your site through my Google Alert. Please let me send you a Savior CD! Send your address to Thanks for serving the Savior faithfully.

KT said...

Congrats on the CD! Have a Happy Christmas!

Pat VE said...

I am not sure how he came about finding your plea, but Squeaky helped you out without hardly making a squeak. I just loved those pictures. You Christmas decorations for this year will outlast 30 traditional trees. Just can hardly wait to see you. We are praying about your vehicle and the trip. Love you all. Mom and Dad

Jean said...

Just tell Squeaky that her beautiful red dress makes her look pretteir than a Christmas tree.

All three of your girls are looking BEAUTIFUL -why not when they are the off spring of such a GOOD looking couple.

Your Mom gave me the pattern for the Jessie Tree last year after I helped her with the ornaments for one of the ones she made. I haven't gotten around to making one yet.

My decorating hasn't gotten very far either.

Love, A. Jean

Anonymous said...

:) Yay you get the CD :) so funny!!
I googled to find out about the Jessie tree and all the sites seemed to be catholic. You said the verses near the end are about the death burial and resurrection of Christ...theirs seemed to be more about some prophecies fulfilled at the birth of Christ. Maybe someday you could give me a copy of the verses you use each day with the girls...or point me to some place to find them. Thanks
Love to all,

Dennis & Valerie said...

Wow, Patti, you're right- I googled Jesse Tree too and all that pops up are Catholic sites. I can give you the symbols and references that are used for our tree- it must be an evangelical adaptation of it.

Anonymous said...

thank you, no rush...well maybe before you leave for a tribe :)Patti