Thursday, December 13, 2007

Button's World

Hi. It's me, Button. Here are some things that are important to me:

1. No yuckies in my washcloth at breakfast.

2. My cup must be set the corner of my bed and must not fall down.

3. Not only must the cup not fall down, it has to be filled with new water each time I lie down.

4. Blankie and Bovie are necessary for a good sleep.

5. I'll eat most anything, especially if it moos or honks as it enters my mouth.

6. Dora is cool.

7. I love my sister Yayel.

8. Repeating the last word of every sentence I hear is fun and essential for learning.

Here's my first haircut ever, just on the bangs. Looks kind of crooked to me.

Here is a picture of me playing "Baby Moses" in the middle of the kitchen floor while Mommy tries to make supper. That's Blankie and Bovie in the picture if you were wondering what they looked like. Blankie has a personality and everything and often gets special hugs from me. I also feed blankie with a spoon when he (she?) gets hungry. Oh, and notice that in the picture the cup has fallen over? That will have to be fixed immediately.
This last picture is of me playing with my best and worst friend. We are holding our alligators and their bathtubs.
-Button, age 1 1/2


Pat VE said...

Watch out for that demanding type. Cute as can be! Her grandma asked for a piano when she was 3 years old, and her folks bought one. Maybe she'll have a shoe fettish. Whatever, she's as cute as a button. Fun to see her in the lime-light. Gr.

Anonymous said...

So good to meet you this way
Aunt Bee

Sabrina said...

That is way too hillarious!
I never thought of using tape.

We here are firm believers in blankies and blues and bears for good sleeps too:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Button, nice to find out what you're like :) love you, Aunt Patti

Jean said...

What a cute Button. As regarding #5 on the list I'd say ( from observation) that "corn" has a special corner in her heart as well as her stomach. "More Corn" more corn repeated every few minutes until Uncle Helmut had to finish what was in the serving bowl so that Button couldn't have any more.

Hope that your girls are all feeling better so that they can enjoy the big,long trip to Gr. &Gr. VE's.

Have a safe and enjoyable journey. Take lots of exercise breaks.

Love, A. Jean