Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas is Today

Well, at least it is at our house! First, the girls opened their stockings. We had a breakfast casserole, hash browns, cinnamon rolls and orange juice for breakfast. Then we put the second to last ornament up on our Jesse tree (the last one was placed after lunch today). The girls had a busy morning exploring all their gifts, which were mostly books and book-ish type things.

Yesterday I was trying to get them all excited about Christmas tomorrow.

I asked, "What is tomorrow?!"

"Christmas," they squealed, "Christmas is tomorrow!"

"And what do we celebrate at Christmas?"

"Jesus was born!" they chirped on cue.

Then Lael piped up, "Mommy, I'm just so glad I like presents."

At least she's honest.

Last night as our special Christmas Eve thing to do, we let the girls decorate two cut out cookies and eat them. I have a confession to make. I don't think I know how to make icing out of icing sugar. I poured what looked like close to a cup of icing sugar in the mixing bowl. Then I added, oh, maybe somewhere between 1/8th and 1/4th of a cup of milk. Then I got real lazy and just scooped some fake-o margarine out of the tub and plopped it into the bowl too. Then I whisked it for awhile. It looked weird, so I stuck it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Then I whisked some more. Finally I just took the bowl over to the table where the girls were waiting patiently (!) and smeared some on each cookie. It was more like a glaze. It dripped everywhere, but it succeeded in holding on the sprinkles which is all the girls cared about.

The other night the girls were pretending to have tea. What I love about this picture is Button's happy grin and Winnie's expression.

And Squeaky's lastest drawing, since I suddenly find myself adding all sorts of miscellaneous news items to this blog.

Lastly, I cut Button's hair for the first time in her life. I mean, I've cut her bangs before, but she really needed a real haircut. In Jungle Camp this summer we were taught how to cut girls hair. So I thought I was all expert and stuff after doing Squeak's. Well, I hacked and hacked on Button's poor hair. She was really patient if not a tad too wiggly. Finally I left it, only to pick up the scissors once more the next morning to give it another go. I think I'm finally satisfied with the results, but I'm not exactly thrilled. I think perhaps I'll keep my personal haircutting skills for when they are really needed, like when we are out in the middle of the jungle somewhere someday.

She forgave me, now the question is if everyone else will too.


Inside Out said...

Come on over and we'll take a look at the new haircut, then we'll let you know about the forgiveness part. Conditional you know.

Anonymous said...

her hair is so cute! You did great, Val! I am glad you had a good Christmas. We're having ours on Sunday a.m. before church.

Jake and Erin said...

I really like her haircut! I noticed it in an earlier picture on this post and I was going to mention that I liked it anyway! She looks really cute!! :)

Jean said...

After a couple of years hide the picture and then she can't change her mind later about the forgiveness part.
Uncle H. always cut Mark's hair until he was a teenager -- even tonight Mark was saying he owed his dad a hair cut (shave) because as M got older he didn't like how he looked in the early pictures due to the hair cut style.

It is fun to spread Christmas out a bit - and a very good way to take care of some things before leaving on a long trip.

Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas

Kate said...

That is the cutest haircut ever! You did a great job! Have a safe trip!

pat ve said...

Val. Suz, Marie (Oops, it's out) I love your pictures and love those girls. Button's haircut makes her look "cute as a button". Hope you're having a grand time with the fam in Orilia. (Is that the way you spell it?) Looks like you had a fun Christmas for just your family. My here at home Christmas was when I set up my fancy bird feeding ensamble. I enjoy sooo many beautiful birds. I did, however, look out in the back yard this noon, and saw a halk devouring his prey. A little later, Shirley called. Her sons Scott and Samuel are home. Scott reported that the hawk was eating a rabbit. (a bunny Van Essen) God feeds His creation, so I just turned around and left the window. Now CATS--they don't need birds. So much for that.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas :) Looks like a fun time :) I noticed Button's hair in earlier pics too and wondered if it was cut or just pulled back . I thought it really suited her! The official hair cut pic is so cute. Good job!