Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Easton Christmas

We are back in classes from our Christmas break. This week we have a module on "health and wellness" and will be learning lots of different things about nutrition, how to diagnose diseases and illnesses common on the mission field and their treatments. Tomorrow we get to practice giving each other injections. Should be lots of fun... hee, hee...

Our Christmas break was so great. We travelled all over the place and are so grateful that the Lord kept our van together for the entire time!

We got together with the Easton side first.

Here is how the family started out:

And here is what it has become!

The cousins had a lot of fun together.

My sister-in-law did an amazing job of planning the whole time, right down to several craft activities for the kids which they all enjoyed immensely. Did you know you can mix epsom salt with water to create a paste? You can paint that paste over construction paper or magazine cut-out glued onto a card. It will dry into a sparkly snowy looking layer on top of the paper. A really simple, fairly mess-less activity! Another thing that I particularly enjoyed was making snowflake decorations with pipe cleaners and beads. I think the craft was for the kids but it held my attention for a good 45 minutes. :)

More Christmassy stories to come.


Christine said...

Sounds like fun!

David and Amy Campsall said...

Glad you had a good holiday.I got your recent update via mail. Hope this semester goes well and that you enjoy the journey:)
Delight thyself also in the Lord and he shall give thee the desires of your heart. We had an eventful holiday but still enjoyed all the moments we weren't sick or in the hospital. The Lord Bless!
Amy and clan
Lovely pic of your family by the way!

Jean said...

Great pics and good craft ideas. Do you know the exact recipe for the epsom salts/water snow?

Patti and Bruce said...

I enjoyed playing with the beads too :)
It was fun to spend the day with everyone!!
I'm glad you had such a good holiday and had safe travels.
love to all,

pat ve said...

Wonderful to catch up on your Easton Christmas. The Lord was really good to see you through the long trek of visiting your families for Christmas. I was so glad you made it to AR too. I am waiting to hear about your trip home. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful family you married into !! :P