Saturday, February 21, 2009

Read, Kid, Read

Here's our little Squeaky and the book she read to me today. She is doing really well with her reading! Something has just clicked for her in the last few months, and she is able to put letter sounds together much more easily than just a few months ago. I grabbed a few easy reader books from the library yesterday along with their normal allotment of twelve picture books. She was excited and so were we!

Squeaky was also useful this past week in our translation course. Our big assignment for the past two weeks was to work through Mark 1-2 in groups. We had to struggle through translation issues and produce an English translation of Mark 2:1-12 for a select audience. Dennis and I were in different groups, but both our groups decided to make a translation for lower elementary aged children. Dennis read his group's translation to Squeaky to gauge her comprehension level. It went right over her head, but at 4 she technically isn't in the target audience yet.


Christine said...

That is awesome!!!

Kate said...

Good cultivation of the love of reading! And I like D's tropical shirt - thinking warm thoughts in the dead of winter! :)

Sabrina said...

Aren't those readers great! Our library has a ton of them. The librarian actually went over wha the different levels mean and where they should be etc. Very interesting !
Hooray for Squeaky give her a big high five from all of us.

pat ve said...

"Readers are leaders" I was always told. Hope her love for it will continue a lifetime. She may be gifted in the area of languages too. Give her a hug. I'd love to have her read to me.

Anonymous said...

Yay Squeak!!
Aunt Bee

Jean said...

Great going, Squeaky, keep up the good job.

Did Dennis try his translation on anyone a little older than Squeaky?