Monday, February 16, 2009

valentines and hockey

Yesterday as many of you may recall, was Valentine's Day. To celebrate, Dennis participated in a hockey game against a group of guys who were visiting from the New Tribes Bible Institute in Jackson, Michigan. Actually, I think it had very little do to with the fact that it was Valentine's Day. Squeaky, her little friend who was visiting us for the day and I attended.

Squeaky's voice could be heard above all others, "Go, Daddy, go! Go, Daddy, go!!!" There was a guy on the other team named Dan, and he had several people cheering for him as well. Squeaky couldn't figure out why everyone was cheering for "Dad" when it was really her dad.

At suppertime we gave the girls a few little gifts; some stickers, two chocolates, and some fun new bath toys, bath crayons and some little tablets that turn the water different colors. The two older girls had a great time drawing graffiti all over our bathtub and tile walls. They first turned the water pink, then added blue to make, well, blue (I guess the blue is stronger than the pink), and finally they added a yellow tablet in an attempt to get green. It was more like murky brownish green, but they thought it was cool.


pat ve said...

Wow, I have never gone to a hockey game on Valentine's Day, nor any other day, and I've never colored my bathwater with anything other than dirt. Sounds like a fun and different day. Love, Mom

Sabrina said...

Wow sounds like everyone had a great V-day! Did the bath crayons come off ok? I am always worried the they will stain and won't come completely off!

Jean said...

What will they think of next? Bath crayons? Sounds like a good way to keep little girls occupied for a while. do the colour tablets turn skin various colours?

Squeaky's cheering reminds me of Mr. T.'s cheering at Aunt Ruth's football game last fall. "Go auntie Ruth, go ...." us oldsters would like to do a little shouting but it might not be quite in order - I'm usually timid because I don't understand the sport enough to know if it is the right time to cheer and shout. I could follow BBall well enough and was a pretty good parent cheerer at the kids' high school games.

Anonymous said...

how cute, she was such a proud little daughter!! had she ever seen hockey before? did she know what was going on?

Kate said...

Dennis in a face mask! Too funny!