Monday, March 16, 2009

Hello, Spring Break (or, Spring, where are you?)

We are happy to be having our spring break this week. Tomorrow we are heading up to Dennis' parent's place to visit them and hopefully see some other friends and relatives. It is a nice time to have a break. Right now the course we're in is a big one in which we get to practice nearly everything we've learned for the past two years! It is fun and challenging.

Yesterday we had some milder weather so we took the kids down to the playground outside the academy here on camp. They had lots of fun but I wished I had put them in their snow pants by the end of it. Two of them were playing around with the rocks and mud. The two older girls are equals on the tetter-totter now.

I had to include these- Dennis decided to wear these big rubber boots, and they just looked so nerdy I followed him around and took pictures of him trying to do stuff with them on.


Kate said...

Rubber-Boot Man strikes again!

pat ve said...

It is nice to know that you are having nicer weather. You're no doubt at Dennis' folks. Please tell them Hello. I am sure the girls will have lots of fun. I like the boots.

Jean said...

Very refreshing pictures - nice to keep up to date. Have a wonderful spring break and relax lots.

Christine said...

Aww cute pictures!