Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Night time adventures, coloring and going to heaven

I thought it was about time for a kid post.

I'd like to tell you about last night. This past weekend was the time change and all. Naturally, Dennis and I managed to stay up way too late since our bodies kept telling us it was an hour earlier and we had some homework to finish up for Monday.

We finally got to bed after 1am only to be awakened rudely at 4:35am by the sounds of loud giggling, whooping, jumping and other carryings-on. I sleep with ear plugs in and it still woke me up. Turned out, for some reason the two older girls awoke in the middle of the night and decided that it was a good time to play. That was a first. We gave them firm instructions and hauled Squeaky's bed into a different room to thwart any return to their previous activity. One of the first things Squeaky said to me this morning was, "Mommy, I'm so tired!" Hmm, I wonder why?

In other news, Squeaky is really taking off with her reading. She plowed through the whole set of these phonics books which I really enjoyed. They all have simple sentence construction, a slow progression of letter sounds and blends and a great plot line. She loved them and loved getting stickers for reading them on her own.

Button has been immersed in her imagination lately. She and Squeaky love playing princess, super-guy finds lost princesses, and their latest, "Bring Grandpa the medicine in Heaven and say hi to Jesus." They also came running up to me at lunch time today and told me that they had made a machine which "died everybody so they could go to be with Jesus." They were very excited about this. I'm not sure what to think. I asked them if they were killing people (which is a definite no) and they were emphatic that it was not killing them, just dying them.

Little Winnie is learning to color. She can color in the the lines (sort-of) now. I'm wondering if she's left handed. I did a little experiment last night- I put a crayon in her right hand and she colored with that hand. Then I put it in her left hand and she colored with that hand. Then I put the crayon on the paper and told her to pick it up and color. She consistently uses her left hand when she has a choice.

Another favorite game of late is the sandwich game. This is where all the couch and chair cushions are pulled off and piled with people in between. Then Mommy is supposed to come and eat them. The orange cushion is the cheese, and I imagine that the other cushions are moldy bread or something.

Here's the little lefty- maybe?

She gets Baby to draw with his left hand, too.


Jean said...

uncle Helmut says "Dennis is sure getting a work out."

Nothing wrong with left-handedness these days. We have two lefties. As a youngster M. required special sissors for lefties but R. could use either kind. R. is fairly ambidextrous now except for hand writing.

We had some good laughs about your girls' imaginations. What fun they are at this stage.

Love from all of us.

Anonymous said...

Definitely laughed out loud this time (I know I could have typed "lol" but this was a serious lol not just an expression!!) I think that "dying" people is wrong but at least they are learning that to be with Christ is far better!!
Love youse all
Aunt Bee

Kate said...

I love the differentiation between "dying" and "killing" people! They must feel quite benevolent in their termanology choice. :) Beautiful girls as always - wouldn't it be fun to be a lefty?

Sabrina said...

Woohoo.. another lefty! OUr littlest is a lefty! I have a really good book for teaching how to write their letters properly. It is so different than righties!

PS when do you want to come and talk to our girls bible study? Do you have a preference?

David and Amy Campsall said...

How old is squeaky? If she's the same age as chloe you'll have to tell me how you managed to teach her to read while going to school!:) Fun and games it sounds like at your house. We have been sick here the better part of a month.We had a one week interlude before dave brought home the current flu bug. So Dave and now all the littles have some bug and me.. maybe i'll get it.. but slee..p.. is... in .. short...suppl...zzzzzzzzzz hahaha.. oh man. Dave's been pumping me with pills in hopes that I wouldn't get sick because who else is gonna care for all the sickies eh;) Hope everything else is well and you are being led ever near the Lord today.

pat ve said...

Hi Sweetheart,

I just got back onto the computer and I am so thankful for the help of so many to bring me to this brand new and exciting room. I liked the sandwich. I played that with U. John when we were kids, and with some of you kids.

The "dying up in heaven" reminded me of a conversation between some ladies that worked at the Salvation Army Thrift store. It was on Thurs. I couldn't see them but I heard one saying that her mother thought maybe she was having a heart attack. I don't know how old this lady's child was but the child cried and cried because her grandma might die. She was told that everybody was going to die. The child said she thought they should go to church. The mother asked "why?" and the child said "well, God died and HE came back to life!" I thought that was profound--"out of the mouths of babes".