Friday, May 01, 2009

Tae-bo and bow-ties

I'm procrastinating and pulling my hair out trying to make a story from two English syllables for our literacy course.

We're making the first two pages of a primer just so we can learn what its like to struggle through the process. And I am struggling.

This is what my page looks like:

tɑⁱ boᵘ
boᵘ tɑⁱ
oᵘ boᵘ. ɑⁱ tɑⁱ.
tɑⁱboᵘ oᵘ boᵘtɑⁱ.

tu si
bibɑbebo bu

Anyway, you get the drift. The first little section says,
"Tae-bo. Bow-tie. Oboe. I tie. Tae-bo oh bow-tie."

That doesn't really sound like a story to me.


Anonymous said...

does it have to be those sylables? sounds impossible to me!!

Dennis and Valerie said...

It has to be syllables ending in a vowel, with only one consonant. I think it is impossible too.

Kate said...

Tae-Bo and bow-ties - sounds like the beginning of a beautiful friendship! :)

Dennis and Valerie said...

Here's mine:

Doe, see dodo
Dodo, see doe
Dodo and doe do-si-do.


Glidewell Family said...

I think you better go back and enjoy your spa night.

Inside Out said...

and doesn't follow the rules... it sounds so easy... but you need verbs... verbs will be the key.

Dennis and Valerie said...

Here's my final story- after much agonizing.

tɑⁱ ʌ boᵘ.
ɑⁱ tɑⁱ ʌ boᵘ.
boᵘ, tɑⁱ ʌ boᵘtɑⁱ.

Tie a bow.
I tie a bow.
Bo, tie a bow-tie.

pat ve said...

Will you illustrate it? Maybe the girls can help. I definitely looks difficult.