Sunday, May 03, 2009

Picnic for a Saturday

We had "the best picnic ever" tonight, according to Squeaky. It was a bit on the windy and chilly side this evening, so we packed our picnic basket and laid our picnic blanket on the dining room floor. Ham and cheese sandwiches and apples were on the menu, with cookies for dessert. After supper we went to the "park".
The park was in our living room; complete with a slide, a swing, a tetter-totter, a merry-go-round and a drive home in the van. I think the girls had fun and so did we!


Anonymous said...

I can see how this may be the best picnic ever!! Looks like tonnes of fun!! You are all too creative!!

Anonymous said...

Love the portable slide! LOL - too funny! DeAnna

Patti and Bruce said...

aw, fun.
Den, you win for funnest dad at the picnic ;0

pat ve said...

Wow! What a picnic! I liked the sliding board best, along with the sliders. BTW, are those sliders getting longer legs????

Jean said...

Beautiful! What a great picnic and playground. Daddy "slide" is very unique and a very big "hit" with the playground set.

So glad that you all have such good skills at being creative - you may need lots of that when you get to the jungle.

Love, A. Jean

HopiQ said...

SO fun! We have a designated "picnic blanket" we use every Friday night for our picnics on the living room floor for pizza and movie night! :)