Thursday, June 25, 2009


I have a few pictures for you, as promised. I decided to time how long it takes to upload four pictures on here. Just for fun. Three of the pictures are of Daddy with his girls on Father's Day.
Started uploading at 10:51...

This has been a nice week of getting into a routine here. We eat breakfast here at the table in our little apartment, and we eat with Dennis' parents upstairs for lunch and supper. Squeaky's bedroom is upstairs, and the two younger girls have been sharing a room downstairs. It is the first time Winnie has shared a room. We were a little concerned that she would spent the whole evening keeping herself and Button up by yelping every 30 seconds, but surprisingly she has contained herself.

The girls have been having all kinds of fun exploring the yard; rolling down the hill, puttering in the garden, running through the sprinkler and getting muddy.

Ok. Timing the upload isn't fun anymore. It is 11:26. I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't do so many pictures, although I didn't think four was that many. Perhaps I'll have rely on vivid verbal descriptions and wordy posts now...
Wooo HOOO! 11:29- it is finally done. Wow.


Anonymous said...

thanks, the 38 minutes were totally worth it!!
see you soon at your new house

Glidewell Family said...

Hey Valerie I cut the size of my picture in half. It down loads a lot faster. I rename my pic with the same image name but with an s for small that way I know that it was for a blog and that it is half the size of the original. I hope that helps. People can still clic on the pic and it comes up larger to see details. For the elderly like me that need a larger pic. :-)

Jean said...

I am so glad that you took the time to upload those four pics. They are just lovely.

Nice to hear that you are settling in.

The advise from Glidewell Fam. sounds good - I hope you know how to do it - I'd get totally lost.

The Biehns said...

Good to hear that everyone is adjusting well. You are in our prayers.