Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Moving Day

I woke up this morning at 5am- went to bed at 1 am... something doesn't add up right. Today is the big leave day. The girls are happily settled at Coco and Sabrina's place and are hopefully still sleeping as I write this! Thanks guys for taking them- it is a huge help.


-finish loading truck and van

-scrub this place down

-have breakfast with friends (thanks, Peter and Kathy!!!)

-drive 4 hours; Dennis in the moving truck and me in the van with my eyelids pinned open

-unload on the other end

-stay sane

-remain aware that it is God who provides strength for every step


Kate said...

Praying for a safe trip for you both and your stuff! :)

Patti and Bruce said...

have a great move!! Love youse all. I'll pray you both drive safely and stay awake. One more week and one more day for us :) Somehow I think moving just 3kms sounds easier.
Take care,
love Patti

Glidewell Family said...

Welcome to the life of being a missionary. We feel you pain!!! Many times over. Greatful that you are getting help. We sure appreciated all those that helped us along the way. Hugs and Prayers.

pat ve said...

Wishing you a good night's rest at the end of today. I got back my internet! Love you. Mom

Sabrina said...

They all slept well, and had a fabulous day!
Hope yours was as good as ours:)

Jean said...

Have a well deserved rest tonight.

Anonymous said...

by the way... is Dennis still cleaning the same wall on Tuesday as he was on Saturday?