Monday, July 06, 2009

Quebec City Trip, Journal Entry #2

June 30, 2009

We had breakfast in the cabin- hot cereal and applesauce. (We had two tenting sites plus a small cabin for all of us to share, so each family got one night to sleep in the cabin and we were all able to prepare some of our meals in there.) Sometime after breakfast we hopped in the vans (we rode scattered in all the vehicles because our van was in the shop) and headed for Old Quebec City. After several phone calls to each other we finally found parking spaces at the Plains of Abraham. The clouds kept coming and going- we were wondering if it was going to be sunny or rainy.
We all walked on the path that runs alongside the cliff overlooking the Saint Lawrence River. It was beautiful. About that time the guy from the shop called about our van. He said that we had lost about 4 liters of transmission fluid. They couldn't figure out why. They thought maybe it had gotten so low and hot that it had boiled right out of our car. It was a little difficult to understand him because of the language barrier- he kept saying "transmission oil" or just "oil" when referring to the transmission fluid. Quite confusing when we have had oil problems as well. $187 later... Anyway.

The guy suggested that we take it easy on our way home, perhaps avoiding travel during the heat of the day and get it checked out again back in ON.

After our little walk above the river we had a picnic lunch (tuna sandwiches) and walked down into the Old City. The shops there are so quaint. Dennis and I honeymooned there, so it was fun to see it again.

Right as we went down the Breakneck Steps into the oldest part of the city the skies opened up on us and it started pouring. We found shelter in a souvenier shop where I bought an umbrella. As soon as I went outside with my new treasure the rain stopped. So much for that.

We headed back to the camp via the grocery store. For supper we had chicken, potato, onion and carrots cooked in foil packets in the fire. We also toasted marshmallows, bannock, and banana boats. Yum!


Desiree said...

looks so fun! and cool!! The way I can're actually outside. : )

pat ve said...

I would love to see that area. I first learned about the St. Lawrence Sea Way from my Weekly Reader in the 50'a. It just looks like a whole bunch of fun (and expense).

Jean said...

It seems as if you had great experiences in Quebec. A real taste of French Canada.

I am enjoying reading about your trip.