Sunday, July 19, 2009

Quebec City Trip- wrap up


Today I am in Peterborough, and being here means I have a wireless connection- oh woo hoo woo hoo- hooray!

So I'll happily upload pictures for you to enjoy. We are doing great in our new place. The girls are getting adjusted and I love being able to send them outside to play each day. I've taken to walking in the mornings and the smell of the trees and damp earth is wonderful. I often tell Dennis that the smell there reminds me of camping, because the smell of Nebraska air and the smell of Ontario air (especially up there) are quite different. The smells of forest and rocks were exclusive to vacations when I was young.

Quebec City Wrap-Up (I don't have my vacation journal with me)

On the third day we had together we started out in the vans with the intention of going up the St. Lawrence to do some whalewatching. Instead we ended up visiting a huge catholic cathedral and going to a place with seven waterfalls. We had a picnic lunch and enjoyed our time together even though nothing around there really looked like a whale.
I've uploaded a bunch of pictures of our summer including our trip to Facebook, if you are on there.


Anonymous said...

glad you got to be highspeed for a wee bit... now to all the lurkers out there, don't be afraid to comment on this blog because we don't want her to get discouraged that no one is reading and quit going through the hassle of blogging from the land of dial-up!! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Good time was had by all!

pat ve said...

I just got home today, so it is a joy to "catch up". Looks like you all had fun. Cute kids!