Saturday, August 29, 2009

Winnie meets the Bug, and other news

Winnie took a long look at this praying mantis in Kansas.

We're back up and running, folks! After visiting my family and friends in Nebraska for about a month we are back in Ontario. We came back to some good news- we have high speed internet now! I cannot express to you how happy this made me.
Now I have no excuse not to keep this blog updated, so I shall try to be more prompt and a great deal more interesting. :) I'll try, anyway.


Patti and Bruce said...

welcome home you guys :)
enjoy your high speed :)
Do G&G get much increased speed on that old computer?

The Biehns said...

Good to hear that you had a great trip! Yeah for high speed!

Jean said...

Welcome home. Loved all the pictures you put up on FB.

Sabrina said...

We are REALLY happy about your high speed..keep on praying for us in the black hole of technology!

That is the awesomest praying mantis EVER!
Welcome home! I guess we'll see Dennis this week!

9Browns said...

Hi Valerie
It was good to see your family while you were back. Your girls are a delight. Thanks for hanging out with us and Dennis, for joining in strange Nebraska obsessions--er, I mean, traditions--Go Huskers! : )

We will be praying as you put many miles on the van this fall.

Grace to you.