Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Squeaky's Big Day

About a year ago we hatched an idea: what if Squeaky were to go to kindergarten for a few months while we prepared to leave for the Philippines? After praying and talking to several people about it we decided to enroll her in kindergarten at the local elementary school here in town.

Last Wednesday was her first day. I'm not sure if we've ever seen her so excited. She had her new little backpack, a new outfit, a new lunch bag with glittery butterflies on it, and her little epi-pen in a case pinned in her backpack. She was so thrilled about this new experience, I wasn't sure if she was going to sleep the night before!

I think she did. Her bedroom is right above ours, and around 7am I heard a little shout of exclamation from her room and a squeal of laughter as she remembered what day it was.

After breakfast she got her little purple backpack on and gave everybody hugs.

Button seemed a little sad to be losing her best friend for the day. I promised her that when Squeaky went to school I'd do "school" with her at home. She was pretty excited about that. She got a new little backpack too, and Daddy bought her her very own pencil case with Dora pencils and erasers inside.
Does Winnie look sad? She isn't. She had just crawled out of bed and wasn't really sure what was going on.Here is our excited little girl!

In all the hustle I didn't get a good picture of the bus.

After seeing Squeaky onto the bus, Dennis and I hopped in the car with our camera and zoomed to town. We meet her getting off her bus and this was the smile she gave us when she saw that we were there. We stuck around for awhile at a distance and saw that she enjoyed playing in the sand and dutifully came running with all the other kindergartners when the school bell rang. I don't think she really knew what the bell was for, but she sure ran!

She came home tired but had had a wonderful day. Her next school day is Tuesday the 7th because of Labor Day. She has been praying each night that she would be able to go to school every day like the big kids, even though she knows that kindergarten is every other day.

We are excited for our sweet little girl and pray that she will be a little light for the Lord at her school.


pat ve said...

Tears of joy just reliving the thrill of sending a five year old off to Kdgn. Squeaky looks so happy, just anticipating that special day. Hope Button and Winnie enjoy their change too. So today is day #2. I will pray for her day at school. Mom, I'm putting my arm around you. ((hug,hug)) and XXXXX

Jean said...

Such exciting times - Squeaky seems to be very happy to be in the middle of it.

Sure glad you explained "sad" little Winnie had just gotten out of bed.

have lots of fun in your "school" times with Button.

Anonymous said...

These photos will go down in history, thanks for them!!
The first thing she told me on the phone was that the seats on the bus were red, and yes of course, she was right :)