Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Coming Right Up

There are some things I've been meaning to share on here... just having some laziness troubles and wishing for a wireless router so I wouldn't have to lug our computer all over the place.

1. Dennis had a birthday!

2. Cute pictures of the kids

3. Our anniversary is coming up and Dennis has some big secret-something planned.

4. An update on our progression toward leaving for the Philippines

5. Squeaky's new class at school

6. Probably some other things that will stun, intrigue and delight you. Maybe.


Plus, since I am actually using Dennis' parents computer, I found some old relic type pictures that I thought might be enjoyable.


Kate said...

Brr! Was Dennis sleeping outside? If you post some good updates, I will too! (How's that for bargaining?) :)

Anonymous said...

AAAHHHHHHHHH! Sleeping bags and SNOW! : ) My blood is much too thin for that.

pat ve said...

I like those old pictures. Little ones grow up so fast, and big ones grow old fast.

Anonymous said...

Ever since Dennis' family got rid of their dog house he would sometimes end up in the garden instead of in the doghouse!

Anonymous said...

I invite all you southerners to come join a Moorcroft Christmas someday and sleep outside in the snow.... toastier than Texas :)

Sabrina said...

:) As you long for a wireless router, please remeber those of us who haven't received the blessing of highspeed and are still on dial up...yes there are some of us poor unfortunate souls out there!!!!!!

See you guys soon!