Saturday, January 16, 2010

Anyone scared of needles?

We had our travel immunizations yesterday- our first dose in a set of three. Each girl received two shots and Dennis and I each had three. Button writhed in anguish on my lap, Squeaky was indifferent and basically shrugged the whole thing off in order to eat some Skittles, and Winnie looked at the needle as it went into her arm and laughed somewhat nervously. Daddy, who went last grimaced to entertain his girls and I put on a brave face to encourage everyone that it wasn't so bad.

After the shots and a nice meal at Crabby Joes, we went and blew a hefty sum at Wal-Mart- buying two of all sorts of things we use on a daily basis to take with us.


Patti and Bruce said...

Well, sounds like that could have gone A LOT worse than it did :) I'm glad you got through round one. Don't forget to take a pic of all the walmart stuff so we know what to buy and send you when or before you run out. take care, love to you all

Anonymous said...

my turn Monday!! Hope I can be brave too!!

Glidewell Family said...

What no Wally World pictures?

Bill Yeo said...

I just love that picture of the girls. It warmed my heart!