Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Happy Day

Here is a picture of me in a very happy moment. I realize that not all of us get so excited about paper, but we just ploughed our way through some red tape and have in our little paws all the documents we need when we go.

The final step will be to take several documents to be authenticated at the Philippine Consulate. This will likely entail a day trip to the Big City to visit the Consulate and to also drop some boxes off to be shipped on ahead of us to the Philippines.
Things are looking good- now just waiting on The Email that says we're officially accepted to the field.


Anonymous said...

I got mine notarized today, I'll call you tonight to find out where to get what you got in that picture :)

Patti and Bruce said...

:) yay for you!! Happy for you!!!

David and Amy Campsall said...

yay for you guys!! What a lot of work to get a piece of paper eh:) Sounds like things are on the move.. so you have a place to live when you get there? Is Brenda going to live with you guys? How exciting it all is. Keep us posted