Saturday, February 27, 2010

12 Days...

Only 12 days until we leave!

One snowy day last week we prepared our boxes to be shipped to the Philippines. We have a great shipping company available to us who will ship these huge boxes without weight limit from here to our door in the Philippines. Pretty sweet deal.
Squeaky loved being Daddy's helper. Anything with tape and scissors is right up her alley.Winnie is convinced that she is taking a boat to the Philippines. So we let her sit in the top of this box for awhile. We took her out before taping it up. Every time we tell her to get her coat on she says excitedly, "Time a go Pillipines?"I had an injury right before I took this picture. These guys were hauling the heavy boxes up the basement stairs (whose idea was it to pack those down there, anyway?!) and I was trying to help. My foot got caught up under one the heaviest boxes and my ankle was pinned between the box and the sharp edge of the step. WOO, I sure yelped. I took a picture of the damage for posterity but didn't include it in this blog in case it would gross someone out.

Load 'er up!Good bye, stuff. We'll see you on the other side... hopefully.


pat ve said...

Oh how I wish I were there. I might be underfoot, however. Under box? OOOUUUCCCHHH! Hope it hasn't kept you from getting stuff done. It is hard for me to realize that it will be that soon that you are leaving. I know it will sink in before long.
It is fun to see how the girls react to the occasion. They were talking about going to the Philippines when they got coats on at Christmas. What fun. No doubt you have some mixed emotions. I sure do. It is dangerous for one to lead with his/her emotions. So, I pray that God will give you strength for the 12 days in N. Am. and then keep you all the way to the Ph.
I love you. Mom

Always like to see the pics.

Patti and Bruce said...

Wahoo 12 days!! Sometimes I still can't even believe you are really going. Hope these last 12 go well. Love to you all.

BTW, I'm glad you took Winnie out before you taped up the box. :)

Liz and Darcy said...

We're so excited for your family and are praying for you.

Sabrina said...

9 now! We keep wanting to call, but don't want to pester.. so give us a call if you are up for a chat:) Otherwise, we shall just keep on praying:)