Sunday, April 25, 2010

So Blessed

I think a normal part of growing up in North America is dreaming that one day you'll own your own home and be able to buy your own appliances, etc. Long ago when our dream of owning a house was forefront in our minds we went to the bank and had a little discussion with a mortgage consultant. He stared at us in disbelief when we gave him the facts. It makes me kind of laugh now to remember it! God really shut that door and He had great timing, as usual.

After the home owner hope dissipated I eventually gave up all those type of dreams and was really content with whatever hand-me-down things we had.

When we moved here to the Philippines I first imagined that apartments here were like apartments you rent back home. All the nice appliances are included, etc. Well, that simply is not the case. Apartments are listed as "partially furnished" if they come with light fixtures. Quite literally there are wires sticking out from our apartment ceiling where we need to wire in a new light socket.

The fun news is this: we got to buy a new stove, fridge and washing machine! I've never owned these things before! I feel like I've made it through a rite of passage or something.

Thank You, Lord for blessing us with simple pleasures like having a brand new fridge. You didn't have to do that.


Glidewell Family said...

Wow the kitchen cleaned up nicely from your FB pics it looked hopeless. I here ya sister on the right of passage thing. Just when we made it to the a '90s with buying a vehicle it turned 2000. Sigh!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the pics!
So happy for you !!
And now a bed for "Squeak"
You are now able to be on with learning the language right there in your setting where you have to communicate with your neighbours!
love Gramma

Join Us For Breakfast said...

enjoy :)
love you all

pat ve said...

I am impressed with your appliances. I am so glad you are moved in and can settle down with other concerns (language). Trust this place will be very good in reaching and learning the lang.

David and Amy Campsall said...

just to let you know we are praying for you and keeping up on your news on here. I was at the missionary conference today in New Liskeard and heard Marilyn Barnes speak about the work in Zimbabwe. They leave tuesday to go back. Blessings to you guys.